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Love & Liberation with Olivia Clementine

Nov 18, 2021

Some of what Michael shares includes:

  • Meaning of myth
  • Pandemic polarization and changing the collective situation
  • Genius, wounds and giftedness
  • Rites of passage and becoming authentic
  • Natural form of education
  • Ascension, darkness and the deep Self
  • What it means to be a real storyteller
  • Eros and Erotic Fluidity
  • Your...

Nov 9, 2021

Some of what Deborah shares includes

  • Ancient view on female fluids, sacredness, and nourishment
  • Difference between orgasm and ejaculation
  • Difference between clitoral, cervical and g-spot orgasms
  • 3 essentials for g-spot orgasm
  • Homework for vagina baring listeners to acquaint yourself with your g-spot
  • Returning into...