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Love & Liberation

Jul 19, 2022

In todays's episode Khandro shares about:

  • Cultivating and training in relative siddhis to benefit others
  • Enacting the four activities
  • Signs and Tests for siddhis
  • Story with Garchen Rinpoche
  • Activities for subduing warfare and suffering
  • Dudjom Rinpoche, the coldwar and a ten year Vajrakilaya retreat
  • If not working, do...

Jul 6, 2022

Some of what Bayo shares includes on:

The relational universe

Caught up in the modern

Process vs Things

Slave ship of our times

Listening and fugitivity

Necessity of suffering, failure and pain

Power of vocality

On the sacredness of language 

Ecstasy of becoming

Parenting as spiritual vocation and their pathway of...

Jun 21, 2022

Some of what Justin shares includes:

  • Transference of Buddhism from Indian to Tibetan and Nepali culture 
  • Maitripa as muse
  • Practitioners needing to go deeper 
  • Shamatha, vipassana, ati yoga and dzogchen, comparisons
  • Impact of pedagogic systems on meditation styles
  • Realistic notion of what is needed for...

Jun 9, 2022

Some of what Jeanine shares includes:

  • Racism being linked to our economic system
  • Witch burning, slave ships, paganism and the global market place
  • Organized religion and its impact on globalization.
  • Impact of living in one place and policing forces
  • Marginalized communities and environmental issues
  • Brokenness and not...

May 22, 2022

Some of what Sri Dharma Mittra shares includes:

  • What brought Dharma Mittra to yoga
  • Meeting his guru
  • Finding answers
  • Renunciation and being a full time yogi
  • The place of purification based on one’s conditions
  • Highest of all knowledge
  • Who God is
  • Meaning of self-realization
  • Minimum amount of time to devote to...