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Love & Liberation with Olivia Clementine

Feb 22, 2022

  • Sitting with ancestors, elders.
  • Child story rather than ancestor story.
  • Nature defining what humanity is.
  • The intuition of the heart.
  • Hospicing this modernity.
  • Separating from our spiritual umbilical cord.
  • What it means to be evolutionary.
  • Ceremony and no agenda.
  • Medicine people.
  • Time and Perception from a Lakota...

Feb 8, 2022

Some of what Khandro shares includes:

  • Khandro’s path to finding the buddhist dharma .
  • The karmic process and past lives.
  • Lama Dawa and his lineage and role as a Ngagpa.
  • Examples of how Ngagpas  worked with elements.
  • Meeting Lama Dawa and what it was like to be married to him.
  • Finding relevance and language of old...