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Love & Liberation with Olivia Clementine

Nov 8, 2022

00:00 Introduction
00:57 Realizations through relationship and everyday living
04:26 Challenges of relationships and the path to liberation
06:30 The importance of the ‘mother’ example on the path to liberation
07:31 Ordinary love and ‘Buddhist’ love
17:51 The difference between bliss and love
21:06 Dangers of tantric methods and female objectification
25:17 Sera Khandro and other women’s voices and experiences
26:40 Misunderstanding of non-attachment and bypassing love
29:45  Monastic discipline and rules 
31:28  The purpose of celibacy, sexual bliss and union practice
36:19 Cleaning out the inner channels
39:34 Misunderstanding of ‘youth’ and ‘ripeness’ in teachings
44:48 The meaning of ‘renunciation’ and its importance on the path
52:39  Tibetan word for Buddhist and the Inner level as antidote to spiritual materialism
55:00  Understanding Karma and Merit ”Why bad things happen to good people?
1:02:31 Maturity and accountability for suffering and our situation
1:07:35  Female practitioners, translators and lineage holders
1:15:28  The ‘unseen’ blessing of being unknown versus the need for female role models




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