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Love & Liberation with Olivia Clementine

Aug 17, 2023

00:01:04 Himalayan languages origin, overlap and geographical influences

00:11:00 Self-sufficiency, socioeconomic development, education and the impact on languages.

00:17:00 Becoming interested in ‘Monyul’ borderland region

00:22:00 Karmic link in Bhutan

00:28:00  Becoming more a part of these Himalayan communities.

00:43:00 Duhumbi language and culture

00:53:00 Specific kinds of homemade alcohol

00:58:00 Nomadic Kusunda community, language and culture

01:08:00 Connection between health and speaking one’s indigenous language

01:16:00 The future

01:21:00 Learning a language



Tim Bodt



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