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Love & Liberation with Olivia Clementine

Jan 29, 2023

00:00:00 Introduction

00:00:42 Intimacy Essentials

00:02:51 Working with resistance to the journey of intimacy 

00:05:07 When a relationship is workable and when it is not.

00:05:58 Projections 

00:07:24 Conditioning, erotic wounding and sexual habits.

00:13:10 Vulnerability and safety for trust

00:14:59 Reactivity and deep listening.

00:22:33 Our inner critic and self-worth.

00:26:13 Hoping and potential, fear of aloneness

00:29:00 Connection as the aphrodisiac

00:30:23 Radical subjectivity

00:33:00 Men and the need to work with shame. 

00:39:19 Healthful anger and freeing one’s expressive capacities. 

00:45:51 On reflecting on death, enlivenment of death

00:47:22 When Robert nearly died in 2016. 

00:49:21 Robert reads a poem, “Which of us will die first?”

00:51:59 Ease and connection over spark

00:54:16 On gratitude and faith 



Robert Augustus Masters


Free music from Robert’s wife, Diane Bardwell




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