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Love & Liberation with Olivia Clementine

Dec 21, 2021

Episode highlights:

  • Sarah and Olivia sharing why both this podcast and Sarah’s book are called Love & Liberation
  • Sera Khandro’s autobiography (namtar) as a pathway of correcting our view around dharma, enlightenment and relationship
  • Sera's transparency on her humanity
  • Motherhood and Vajrayana Buddhism
  • Female body denigration
  • Meaning and purpose of khandromas
  • Consortship
  • 5 attributes for a successful revelation
  • Issues with consortship and sex abuse in Buddhism
  • Chatral Rinpoche about his connection and parallels with Sera Khandro
  • Sarah Jacoby’s experience with Chatral Rinpoche
  • Passage from Sera Khandro on love and liberation.