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Love & Liberation

May 4, 2022

Some of what Tracee shares includes:

  • What is Yoga Nidra?
  • Rest, bliss and refuge
  • Being held, being worthy without doing anything
  • Withdrawal of senses so we can connect with true nature.
  • Swami Rama meeting his Yoga Nidra teacher
  • Yoga Nidra as a feminine practice
  • Radiance
  • Time and effort in regards to realization
  • Shifting...

Apr 19, 2022

Some of what Dr. Nida shares includes:

  • His recent 8 month retreat
  • Cultivating inner qualities of retreat
  • Dream yoga
  • Post-retreat syndromes
  • Karmamudra, couples practice
  • Karmic partner
  • Channels and emotional connection
  • How karmamudra speeds up realization
  • Dr. Nida’s favorite Mahamudra teaching
  • Working with desire and...

Apr 5, 2022

Some of what Zenju Earthly shares includes:

  • Nakedness and the beginning of zen practice. 
  • On not promoting anything or ‘how to’ …
  • Trusting in oneself and dealing with ones chaos
  • Witches, magic, spells and chanting
  • Going deep with simple offerings
  • On ancestors and acknowledging past.
  • Oppression from a spiritual...

Mar 22, 2022

Some of what Tenzin shares includes:

  • His Tibetan nomad heritage
  • Becoming a refugee and orphan in the Tibetan Children’s Village School in India
  • Karmic imprint of hearing  
  • His father’s passing
  • Nomadic Tibetan folk music, formless and form and metaphor
  • Thin line of contemporary and traditional music
  • Song maintaining...

Mar 9, 2022

Some of what Diana shares includes:

  • Her path to becoming a teacher
  • Conventional vs. tantric sex
  • Loss of tension vs relaxation
  • Tantra for all sexual orientations
  • Seeking sensitivity vs sensation
  • Generating love
  • Keeping cool
  • Ejaculation control vs non-ejaculation
  • Myth of the tight vagina
  • Purpose of genitals to transmit...