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Love & Liberation with Olivia Clementine

Dec 20, 2022

Christina Monson is a Buddhist practitioner and teacher and Tibetan language translator, and interpreter with over 30 years of study, translation and practice experience in Buddhism.

Some of what Christina shares today:

00:00:00 Introduction

00:01:42 Meeting self-made Buddha Chatral Rinpoche

00:09:15 Recounting moments with Rinpoche.

00:13:00 Realization energy

00:17:44 Mountain retreat

00:21:00 Guru Yoga and releasing hope and fear 

00:27:00 Retreat schedule

00:36:00 Illness, grief and this year being the most transformational for Christina

00:50:00 A reading and elaboration on "A Song of Amazement Inspired by Practice Experience" by Uza Khandro (Sera Khandro).

01:00:00 Uniqueness of Sera Khandro as a human and realized being.

01:02:00 Reading and reflections on “Spontaneous Advice, Connected with a Prayer,” by Chatral Rinpoche  

01:07:00 Challenges in translation and specifically this prayer.

01:12:00 Conclusion



Spontaneous Advice Connected with a Prayer

A Song of Amazement Inspired by Practice Experience



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